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Should we feel obligated to filter what we say in order to be politically correct? There are derogatory terms that may offend some people, but when describing race or nationality, what defines what is right or wrong? In recent years, especially in media, people are filtering themselves and watching what they say, in order to be free of being chastised. At our school once students enter kindergarten, the home visits become a thing of the past.

Being that our school is so small one teacher per grade level up to sixth grade we know our students and their backgrounds before they even become a student in our classroom. Perhaps it could be made mandatory that first year teachers at our school must conduct home visits. Unfortunately I.

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Freedom of speech in the first amendment covers the right to express ideas without unjustifiable government control. Should the government decide that spending money to send out a message is unconstitutional or should they step back and remember that restrictions should not be imposed regardless of the citizen or entity?

Short response essay to Emerson's Self Reliance;what we should be reliant on words - 2 pages After reading the ideas expressed in "Self-Reliance," I have come to believe that self-reliance is the most important factor in life. What should we rely on? One answer: ourselves. I firmly believe that a person should only rely on themselves for everything and no one else, regardless of the consequences. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to study, live and work in Italy where I come from.

It has always been a dream I had. I was planning. What does it mean to be poor? Why should we care about poverty? The notion of what it means to be poor cannot easily be defined and is to some extent subjective. One's definition varies, and as is often dependent on the social, cultural and political experience of the individual or the greater society can be contrastingly diverse.

Research shows there appear to be extremes for both poverty and poor. To be poor living in a.

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Social-program funding is being scrutinized in the current economic climate with doubts as to whether American tax dollars should be used to help victims of domestic violence. Cutting funds for government programs that assist. The youth believes that if they imitate these cynosures they will become affluent and legendary. Famous people imply that if the youth act insubordinately they will be successful in life.

Though it is bad trend, however, they are trying to make attention to others people by this way.

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Definitely, this trend reduces their mentality to do hard works. We must acknowledge the contribution of people who work very hard for the progress of world. When they observe that some people are more famous than them by showing their glamour and wealth, they will demotivate for doing activities. As, human have tendency to become familiar within the community, hard working people is not an exception.

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If they stop their hard work for the human welfare, this will be negative impact for the society. For example, my friend, Towhid, who graduated from engineering university, but he started to work as a fashion designer to become famous. He left the laborious engineering work that was crucial for the society. From this example, it is clear that how glamorous and wealthy celebrities are demotiving are real heros. I am expecting help from everyone to show me where I did grammatical mistakes and where I have sentence stucture proble.

Thanks in advance for your help. Posted by: jahangir alam Thursday, May 08, at Recently, there has been a broad scope of discussion on the influence of celebrities on young people. Some advocates support that their fame and fortune are the major attraction for the young but represent a bad model. Disagreement, however, stems from those who believe that achievements of celebrities still play an educational role in guiding children.

From my perspective, consistently presenting inadequate facets of their lives would misguide children. The present essay shall dwell on the divergent views and attempt to clarify my stance. Posted by: Sophia Wu Thursday, May 08, at Posted by: syeede Thursday, May 08, at Hi Simon I just had my speaking test After that the examiner asked me 3 questions regarding souvenirs and around questions regarding photography. Thank you Sukhpal Singh. I would advise you not to write an introduction like this.

Apart from being very long and taking up time and words that can better used in the body, it contains some 'unnatural' phrases that sound strange to native ears, and this is not what we want.

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One of the reasons I recommend Simon's website to my students is his presentation of clear and natural English which is in contrast to many IELTS books that encourage writing which is overcomplex. Posted by: sjm Thursday, May 08, at For example, nowadays, professional football players such as Lionel Messi and Cristian Ronaldo, who are very good patterns for youth in order to achieve great goals. Virtually, famous people are known because of the accomplishments, which are attained by them.

If the stars can not achieve anything in their fields, they also might not be a person who is a good example to young people. Artists and musicians, for instance, are known for singing well music that is liked, but that does not always make them popular. Posted by: Jasur Thursday, May 08, at Nowadays celebrities tend to show their popularity through glamour and wealth and social media keep highlighting their fame and therefore attracting the youth who are getting inspired to this showcase mentality rather than taking inspiration from personal achievements of famous persons.

For some extent this lifestyle of popular persons adversely affect the minds of youth, at the same time they certainly could be role model for their achievements. On one hand, there are some reasons why it could be argued that the sophisticated lifestyle of famous personalities could affect youth badly. One of the reason is, these people publicizing their fame with every means of social media, for example celebrities are keeping their photos with highly posh cars and costly life style in Facebook and other website and want to create buzz about them.

Sport personalities are well known for their great efforts and role models for young generation, but they are giving wrong direction to youth by taking drugs and mischievous behavior in game. On the other hand, lots of people take inspiration from celebrities who are well known for their professional accomplishments and social responsibility. There are sports personalities who are actively participating in social activities like helping poor children to study and creating awareness on protecting national heritage, these things definitely stand as motivation to young generation.

The hard work and dedication they shown in their journey of success make them role models for youth.

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  • To sum up, young age is right age is decide their future,at this time they should not fall in the trap of false attraction of famous people and should get the inspiration from the right people who reached their position with sheer determination and dedication. Posted by: ishu Thursday, May 08, at This essay contains many verb errors.

    DEBATE: Are celebrities worthy role models or bad influence?

    Even your introductions has four of them. Because there are many errors, it is quite possible that this essay could get a 5 for grammar. I would certainly focus on that at the moment. Posted by: sjm Friday, May 09, at Thanks sjm.. Posted by: ishu Friday, May 09, at Hi sjm I had my speaking exam yesterday.

    The part 1 went very well, but in part 2 i got stuck and started stammering and could speak for only roughly 1 min. After that the examiner bombarded me with lots of questions. He asked nearly questions. Is it possible to achieve 6.

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    Start with this rule. For present simple verbs and we use many of them in essays , when the subject is singular, put an 's' on the verb: social media keepS attractS this lifestyle affectS. The examiner bombarded you with questions because that is Part 3 of the test.