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But even caring is not enough. So we need to teach them the skills of how to be a competent social being; how to function as a member of a caring community.

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We teach children the skills how to do an equation in a molecular fashion, and we have to do the same thing with the skills of character. We need to teach them the skills of how to be a competent social being; how to function as a member of a caring community. Berkowitz, University of Missouri-St. The key point is that you have no choice. If you are around children, you are impacting their values and character all the time. In character education, we just want you to do it systematically, intentionally and effectively. It takes learning and struggling. It takes learning communities and adults to understand the nuances, the pitfalls, the good practices, techniques, and somewhere along the line understand the theory and research that tell us things that could be counter-intuitive.

If you want different results, you need to change the design of classroom and school. Redesigning starts in your mirror.

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Professor Marvin W. Berkowitz shares five pillars that he thinks should be the foundation for character and values Education. Marvin W. His scholarly focus and expertise is in character education and development. He is the inaugural Sanford N.

Essay about Character Education: A Necessity in Schools

Transition is the process in which an individual encounters a move into a new environment …. For a positive transition to occur, it is important that the child receives proper support …. As adults, we want ….

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Hands But even caring is not enough.

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We need to teach them the skills of how to be a competent social being; how to function as a member of a caring community — Professor Marvin W. Prioritizing character and values education : Make this an authentic priority in schools and classes. Relationship : Build a rapport between students and teachers, among teachers and all school stakeholders, too. Intrinsic motivation : Motivate students to internalize values instead of motivating them through external rewards, such as stickers or sweets. Character education is a teaching method which fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have.

It teaches the students the values of caring about other people, honesty, responsibility, and other important traits that make for an upstanding citizen.

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The parents are not the only ones that need to be concerned in developing a student's character, the school and community should also have a role in this. These days, with most families, the children are often left alone with no one to guide them.

This is why schools need to implement character education so that the students know the correct path they should walk on. The need for character education lies in the fact that a sustained process of teaching, being shown examples of good character, and constant by practicing what they learned is the things needed to instill good character traits in students.

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And since students spend most of their time at school, it is the perfect place to instill moral values in them. The reason for teaching good character is to help prepare the students to face the many opportunities and unknown dangers that are in today's society.

Character education gives the students the knowledge they need to know what these dangers in society are and deal with them properly. Young people these days gets exposed to literally thousands of negative influences through the media and their peers every day, add to this the sad fact that parents are spending less time with their children. Students need to know how to handle these pressures and character education will give them the tools that they need. Yes, character education can greatly help students with their academic subjects as well.

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Diligence and a sense of responsibility are some of the main core values taught in character education.