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I am not going to lie, it has taken years of learning, research, and repeated failure, to find what I thought were great lessons to teach, to support the different writing styles. Every year, I alter my lesson plans to make the experience even better.

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This year, I came across Nearpod , which has transformed writing in a unique way and has helped students master thesis statement writing. I teach writing by genre, which I have found, makes it easier for my students to learn how to write. Informational and opinion writing are my favorite types of writing, but in my years of teaching, I have realized my students struggle with organizing their thoughts and forming a concise thesis statement. The writing they were producing was hard to follow. I began integrating mini-lessons to help support these concepts. On this day, you will see my students sitting on the floor, playing a writing organization game, which helps them organize their thoughts.

There was no right or wrong answer. They are able to organize their ideas, in any way they thought is correct. From then, the next mini-lesson led to using those ideas to practice writing a thesis statement. We did this as a class and then with a partner.

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The following mini-lesson involved using Nearpod, which pushed my students to the next level, and a deeper level thinking to independently write a thorough thesis statement. The Nearpod lesson I used, was created by LearnZillion. Each student had their device on their desk, and I was able to have each student login and follow the lesson along with me.

The lesson was interactive and hands-on for everyone. The lesson started off with the students reviewing what was needed for thesis statement writing, and what needed to be included. Students then were able to give examples of a thesis statement they had written. This was my favorite part of the lesson, as we used the Kagan strategy, think-pair-share, and if the thesis statement I showed on the board had all the components for a thesis or if something was missing, what we could include making it stronger.

Within the LearnZillion lesson , they provided thesis statements, and the students had to explain, why or why not, it was a strong thesis. Again, the students were able to discuss the examples I provided from their peers, and why or why not, it was a correct answer. Every student was still learning while using interactive technology. The following day, we then began thinking of ideas for our next essay on information writing for their state reports.

We logged back into Nearpod, continued to use the LearnZillion lesson, for students to draft their thesis statement for their state report.

3 Minute Thesis - Education and Technology

According to an article , published by Daily Mail, an average person spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices. That period of time surpasses the time an average person spends sleeping for 20 minutes. There is no doubt in the fact that people are getting more dependent on technology as time goes by.

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The only question is: are we too distracted by it? Technology can be a distraction only when people fail to use it responsibly. When a responsible individual uses smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices to get access to knowledge, contacts and truthful information, technology serves as the most useful tool for elevating their quality of life. There are moments when technology serves as a great distraction from our daily troubles.

We use our smartphones and tablets to record everything around us, memorize reality and record every meal, occasion, and moment of our lives.

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Those screens and images may distort the actual reality because we tend to present ourselves in a way we want the world to see us. From another point of view, the same technology takes us to places most of us never get to see, it helps us find out every piece of information we need, and it enables us to communicate with any person, regardless of their location.

Technology makes people faster and more efficient. We can order food in the middle of the night, we can schedule and access online business meetings and class discussions, and we reinvent the way our society functions thanks to our devices. Modern technologies provide fast, easy, and convenient access to solutions for the daily challenges we face.

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The flipped classroom is a great example that shows how technology has taken modern education to a higher level. This problem-based learning method enables students to develop flexible knowledge, self-directed learning skills, effective problem-solving and collaboration skills, and intrinsic motivation.

Technology has taken our world by storm, but it brought many positive aspects that present the big picture. We use computers to shop, write, code, schedule events, buy tickets, and cover many different tasks on our daily to-do lists. The fact that we can access our emails from any place enables us to stay in touch with teachers, parents, and fellow students without any trouble. We need computers to cover school assignments, find more information about the things of our interest, take online courses, meet new friends, reveal the values of distant culture, and find solutions to just about any issue we have.

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Without the advantages brought to us by the Internet, lack of knowledge would be the greatest distraction in our lives. The biggest argument against the statement that technology can be beneficial for everyone is the fact that it can be addictive. Children and teenagers, who seem to be absorbed by games, are the most commonly used example that shows how distorted modern values are.

The Internet is presented as one of the greatest problems of today's youth. Online media proved to be an extremely powerful weapon to control the population and turn young people into slaves of consumerism. Websites and online magazines that aim towards teenagers are flooded with topics that revolve around makeup, fitness, fashion models, movie stars, and sex.

Those topics can certainly serve as a distraction from studying, but they are no different than the themes that absorbed the attention of all previous generations.