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Neither apology nor polemic, the book demonstrates that it is not merely interesting but necessary to read Heidegger and Foucault alongside one another if we are to properly understand the shape of twentieth-century Continental thought. Through close, scholarly engagement with primary texts, Robert Nichols develops original and demanding insights into the relationship between fundamental and historical ontology, modes of objectification and subjectification, and an ethopoetic conception of freedom.

Classical and neoclassical economic theorists have played a decisive role here. Ignoring early warnings about the instability of speculative finance markets, they have persisted in their belief in the inherent equilibrium of the market, describing even major crises as mere aberrations or adjustments and rationalizing dubious financial practices that escalate risk while seeking to manage it.

Built on these contradictions, the cinema is the real, material space in which one is moved by the spectacle of shadows. It then follows Derrida through the second year of the seminar, presented in Paris from December to March , as a very different tone begins to make itself heard, one that wavers between melancholy and an extraordinary lucidity with regard to the end.

This book complicates and expands that constellation by showing how throughout his career Agamben has consistently and closely engaged critically, sympathetically, polemically, and often implicitly the work of Derrida as his chief contemporary interlocutor.

In an age in which the biological sciences claim to have unlocked the deepest secrets and codes of life, the essays in this volume propose a more skeptical view. Life is both what is closest and what is furthest from us, because life experiments through us as much as we experiment with it, because life keeps our thinking and our habits always moving, in a state of recurring nomadism. About political projects? I'm afriad I don't understand the stakes.

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The Routledge Companion to Hermeneutics. Jeff Malpas. Post-Secular Philosophy. Philip Blond. Husserl and Phenomenology. The Cambridge Companion to Gadamer. Robert J. Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. James R. Jacques Derrida.

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Continental Philosophy. Andrew Cutrofello. Kant's Theory of Normativity. Konstantin Pollok. What Is Philosophy?

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