College essay why i want to transfer

They made me feel that [insert college here] was a place I could call home. Or write something else altogether! Core values: experiential learning, multiculturalism, embracing differences. Why she initially chose X school. One of the things that initially attracted me to Biola University was the Torrey Honors program. I also appreciated the welcoming attitude of its students, and, initially, its emphasis on Judeo-Christian values. But the past year and a half has given me time for introspection, and I have begun to see that Biola and I are not the best match.

A polite articulation of why she and the school are not the best match. I believe, for example, in the freedom to express love for whomever one chooses. I also believe that one should be free to express her spiritual beliefs in any way she chooses.

How she made the best of things--and learned some great lessons and skills! Two highlights of my time at Biola included debate, and the experience of founding BQU, a safe, but underground group for queer students. Working with the debate team has taught me how to be accountable for my own work and more humble in my losses. Working with BQU has shown me not only the necessity of being vulnerable with others, but has also taught me skills in creating a group constitution, designing a website, and advertising our cause in a non-inflammatory way.

What she wants to do a.

I am interested in the debate team at Fordham because its Jesuit tradition inspires an intellectually rigorous environment. While my current team is very skilled, it does not fulfill my intellectual values; I want classmates who want to explore controversial topics despite their personal stances, and who want to take debate as seriously as their social lives.

My desire to explore diversity is also reflected in my major Anthropology , and draws me to the Irish Studies department. I am personally looking to revive my cultural heritage, and I am also interested in helping oppressed cultures thrive. I see a need to promote how Celtic culture shaped current American society, and want to explore the gender roles of early Celtic culture.

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Although my time at Biola has been challenging, it has given me time to discover my own values, ethics, and priorities. I am ready to find a place where I can feel at home, and Fordham is a place where I can picture myself reading Nietzsche in my dorm room or working on progressive debate resolutions with the squad. I hope to contribute my interests and values to the Fordham tradition.

Because of my childhood--learning history experientially through travel--I am hoping for a similar style of learning through my college experience.

A Sample Essay by a Student Transferring From Amherst to Penn

I believe that Haverford can provide this through its independent college programs, bi-college programs, and Ex-Co. My interests in criminology, environmental public policy, and gender studies are not normally included in traditional learning. Restorative Justice: A Path to Criminal and Social Justice is also a class that piques my desire to promote rehabilitation of the incarcerated population.

Because I understand that social systems are intertwined, my interest into other topics grew. Additionally, I am drawn to extracurriculars that can also increase my knowledge of the world, such as the Debate Team. As an individual with various networks, it will be nice to continue having a religious community, but Grace Covenant Church Fellowship appears to be more inclusive than the one I have previously been involved with, as well as providing an opportunity to expand my own network to other schools in the area.

These encourage students to acknowledge the importance of civic involvement, and inspire students to improve campus policy. This particularly appeals to me as a student who feels my voice is currently not heard at Biola University. I hope to contribute ideas on how the school can help students continue to feel part of the community and celebrated for their differences. For those wondering, this student ultimately ended up at Reed College in Portland.

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Can I set up an interview with an admission officer from the school s --either in person or via Skype? Call or email the school to find out. Copy and paste these questions somewhere and begin your essay What are my core values? In particular: which ones are suffering most in my current situation? What specific skills and resources will I gain at this new school that will help me in realizing my dream?

Online Courses. Graduate School. School Partnerships. Free Resources. Personal Statement.

The College Transfer Application Essay: “Why” Transfer Example

University of California. Supplemental Essays. College Admissions. For Counselors. The Webinar Club. For Parents. Matchlighters Scholarship. Essay Workshop In A Box. Email Me. Another example: Before I could even walk, my parents instilled in me a love for history. In the first example: First the author shows the value: Slowly, the notification bells and piercing ring tones are replaced by the clamor of metal utensils as my sisters try to fit the plates and silverware around our carefully crafted dinner table.

Then, to make sure we get it, she tells us what that value is: Listening is how we take care of one another Good form, Peetah. HookReference 90skid. If you feel that you have not had satisfactory contact with professors at your college or university, you may ask a teaching assistant or lab instructor who may have had more experience working with you to provide a recommendation.

Transfer Applicants

Your transcript shows your academic record in the context of your school, but, since one school can be very different from another, it is useful to see evidence of academic achievement that exists outside of the context of your school. Some applicants may feel that an SAT or ACT score does not fully reflect their academic preparedness or potential, or may feel that it is out of date. We welcome any student regardless of testing plan to submit additional material detailed in the Supplements section that they feel best highlights their skills, talents, and potential contributions to UChicago.

We encourage students to take standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, and to share your scores with us if you think that they are reflective of your ability and potential.

Here's the Full Story on Transferring to the College You Want

Given that many of our peers do require testing, we anticipate that the vast majority of students will continue to still submit their test scores to UChicago. We will continue to accept scores from the old version of the SAT for the five years scores remain valid with an exception for veteran applicants.

We do not have minimum test score requirements. We will superscore both the SAT and the ACT, meaning that if you have taken either test more than once, you should submit all your scores, and we will add your highest subsection scores together to give you the highest possible combined score. We will superscore within both the old SAT and the new SAT, but will not be able to superscore between the two versions of the test. We encourage students to take the test more than once, but do not recommend excessive retaking of standardized tests, as we generally do not see significant improvement after the second time taking a test..

You are able to self-report test scores through the Coalition Application. You will not need to superscore your own results or recalculate your scores in any way; send your scores exactly as you receive them. The Coalition Application Curriculum Report should be completed by your current instructors, if applicable.

We will still be able to review your application in its entirety without any penalty. Request that official college or university transcripts from every post-secondary school you have attended be sent directly to the Office of College Admissions. Transcripts written in a language other than English must be be accompanied by a certified translation and a grading scale.

The number of quarters for which you receive financial aid will depend on your transfer credit evaluation, which you will receive after you are offered admission.

How to Write an Effective Transfer Student Common App Essay

International transfer applicants are not eligible for financial aid. Your recording does not need to be extensively rehearsed or polished, and the video does not need to be edited. You may record your video introduction using the platform of your choice, and then upload either a file of or link to the introduction into your UChicago Account. If there is any important information relevant to your candidacy you were unable to address elsewhere in the application, please share that information here.

Students may submit supplemental material representing a significant talent, passion, or achievement by uploading it through their UChicago Account. Breadcrumb Apply. Transfer Applicants. Harper Memorial Library. The first objective in writing anything is to get it on the page first.

Then you can go back and edit. Trying to edit as you go interrupts the process of getting your ideas out of your head and onto the page, causing you to lose your thoughts and forget what you were saying. Be descriptive when writing. Use all of your senses and fill each paragraph with details. Dialogue, used appropriately, always makes an essay more interesting. Typos and spelling or grammatical errors are a sign of carelessness. Related: Warning! More on CollegeXpress.

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