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Call for China to step up counter-terrorism efforts have followed an increase in terrorist activity. This particular attack seems to have been timed for the maximum effect. In other words, China is now facing a full-fledged terrorist threat wherein civilians are targeted. However, internal security is only one part of the equation. China has long believed that unrest in Xinjiang is directly tied to interference from external militant groups. Some critics argue this divests China of any responsibility for its internal policies towards Uyghurs, especially those residing in Xinjiang.

In online videos, TIP claimed responsibility for the October car crash in Tiananmen Square and offered praise and support for the March attack in Kunming railway station. With three high-profile attacks since October , it seems clear that China is facing a new sort of threat from militant groups like the TIP.

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Fighting that threat will require not only increased domestic security, but cross-border cooperation in combating the increasing trend of multinational terrorist organizations. Security The Return of the Pakistani Taliban. By Adrien Morin China's Xinjiang experience demonstrates the perils of large-scale anti-Muslim policies. While fighting in Syria, the Turkestan Islamic Party has joined forces with global jihadist movements. Singh said in his statement. Pravin Pereira, a graphic designer, was on his way from work when his train, which had stopped at Borivili station on the northern edge of the city, shook violently from a loud blast.

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Pereira, 33, said by telephone. There were a number of bodies lying there on the railway tracks.

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Artie Jacinto, 41, was on her way home on a train that had just pulled out of the Matunga Road station when she heard the deafening sound of one blast, followed by the screams of the women around her. The train plunged into darkness, she said.

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She jumped out as quickly as she could, she recalled later by telephone. Strangers poured out of nowhere to help with rescue operations. She said she watched as a man poured cold water on the head of a badly wounded passenger. Shelke, the train guard, said he was in the last of nine compartments of Train No. Then he saw bodies tumbling out of the train.

He pulled the emergency brake and brought the train to a halt. The blast that hit Train No. Kalpana Gosalia, 53, a homemaker, rushed out to her balcony when she heard the blast. The sight before her was ghastly: the roof of the train had been blown off and bodies lay strewn on the railroad tracks.


Train passengers make miraculous escape from BOMB blast

As evening fell, she strung a bright halogen lamp to a tree outside her balcony, to help the rescue efforts. Her daughter rushed down to help carry the wounded. Nizamuddin Sheikh, the manager of the nearby station at Santa Cruz, ran down to the tracks to carry the wounded and then scoop up valuables — purses, jewelry, papers. He said he locked them in his office.

How a Vigilant Passenger and Cops Helped Prevent a Major Bomb Blast in a Train

Well past midnight, under a steady drizzle, railway workers struggled to separate the bloodstained wreckage from the rest of the train, in an effort to open the tracks for Wednesday commuters. The gory detritus of the day littered the rails: shoes, plastic bags, water bottles and saris that were offered as stretchers. View all New York Times newsletters.

At the Lokmanya Tilak Medical College and Hospital, the dead lay swathed in sheets, waiting to be identified.

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There were 45 in all, some wounded beyond recognition. Ramesh Gandhi rushed in for signs of his cousin. The body of Manish Manihar, a newly married accountant on his way home, was found. Mumbai is no stranger to terrorist attacks.

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  • A pair of car bombs killed more than 50 people in August In March of that year, a bomb blast on a commuter train claimed a dozen lives. The pattern of the Mumbai train bombings, however, has fueled unsubstantiated speculation that Islamic militants, fighting Indian rule in Kashmir, could be behind the attacks. It would not be the first time that Kashmiri militant outfits, which India says enjoy the support of rival Pakistan, have struck on Indian soil.

    The most serious of them, an attack on the Indian Parliament in the capital, New Delhi, in December , prompted a military standoff between the nuclear-armed neighbors. India blamed the Pakistan-based militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba. Since then, India and Pakistan have been engaged in a peace effort, though their fundamental difference over Kashmir is far from resolved.