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Determining the relative importance of fluxes and processes to nitrogen and carbon export from temperate watersheds. Ecological and evolutionary consequences of the caudal spine in the Cercopagidae Crustacea, Branchiopoda.

Production and export of dissolved organic carbon in coastal benthic ecosystems. Plastic versus fixed influences on coral response to fluctuating environmental conditions: Sources of coral resilience and stress tolerance in a changing climate. Participatory land use planning in the Brazilian Amazon: Creating learning networks among farmers, non-governmental organizations, and government institutions.

Integrated assessment of climate change using structural dynamic models.

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Interactions of seagrass beds and the water column: effects of bed size and hydrodynamics. Social and technical aspects of community level decision-making on energy options in two remote island communities. Deep ocean circulation and continental weathering regimes during climate transitions last deglaciation and Eocene-Oligocene using Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopes in sedimentary archives. Marine reserve design and life history variation. Population dynamics and genetic structure of locally dominant species on coral reefs: a case study of the soft corals Sinularia flexibilis and Clavularia koellikeri.

Anoxic degradation of organic matter in lakes: Implications for carbon cycling and aquatic food webs. Plankton Development and Trophic Interactions in Rivers. Beyond simple means; integrating extreme events and biotic interactions in species distribution models: conservation implications for an endangered marsupial, the northern bettong Bettongia tropica , under climate change. The role of the annual cycle in coupled ocean-atmosphere variability in the tropical Atlantic Ocean. Limnological Studies on the Harike Wetland Ecosystem.

The effects of biomass smoke exposure on blood pressure among adult women and children in the United States and China. Right whale ecology in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Genetic status of the Caribbean reef-building coral, Acropora palmata. Biology, Carleton University Spain , pp. The ecology of glass sponge communities in the abyssal NE Pacific.

Planktonic interactions and particulate flux in Ellis Fjord, east Antarctica. Zoology, University of Tasmania Australia , pp.

Dynamics and role within the carbon cycle. Fishery productivity and trophodynamics of platform artificial reefs in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. Long-term variability, disturbance, and biological traits of aquatic invertebrates in mediterranean-climate streams. Submarine groundwater discharge and trace metal cycling in the subterranean estuary and coastal ocean. Building seaport resilience for climate change adaptation: Stakeholder perceptions of the problems, impacts, and strategies. The frequency distribution of daily precipitation over the United States. Friends in high places: Ecology of mycorrhizal associations in alpine plant communities.

Complex population dynamcis in microbial systems. Dams and decision-making: socioeconomic and ecological considerations. Vulnerability of Southern Ocean pteropods to anthropogenic ocean acidification. Women weathering the climate: Gendered knowledge and adaptive capacities in central Mexico.

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The carbonate system in the Mediterranean Sea-Spatiotemporal variations in the partial pressure of CO2 in surface waters of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Ecobiology and remote sensing based study of Coringa mangroves in the Godavari delta, East coast of India. Marine Biological Laboratory, Dept.

Remote measurements of atmospheric temperature profiles in clouds with rotational Raman lidar.

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Laser-Physik, University of Hamburg Japan , pp. Regional climate, federal land management, and the social-ecological resilience of southeastern Alaska. Carbon accumulation and development of peatlands over the Holocene, West Siberia, Russia. Response of plankton community structure to temporal heterogeneity and productivity.

Impact of climate change in the Humboldt Current System simulated by a regional ocean model. Longterm approaches to assessing tree community responses to resource limitation and climate variation. Climate policy measures as public goods - Their operationalization in the Central African context using the example of Cameroon. Department of agricultural economics and rural development, Georg-August Elite Univerversity of Goettingen Germany , pp.

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Nonlinear adiabatic stability for a generalized reaction-diffusion system. Solar irradiance in aquatic ecosystems: Effects of absorption and scattering in the ice, snow, and water column. Biology, Laval University United States , pp. Natural history and bioenergetics of an endemic Hawaiian chironomid: fluctuating stability in a stochastic environment. Comparative genomics and natural distributions of phenotypically distinct strains of the nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium Crocosphaera watsonii.

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Sulfide controls on mercury methylation by sulfate-reducing bacteria. Dynamics of the Hawaiian mesopelagic boundary community and their effects on predator foraging. Community consequences of indirect interactions between waterfowl and tiger salamanders in prairie potholes. Department of Zoology, University of Guelph Canada , pp. Post-fire compositional and functional recovery of westen Canadian bogs. Enzymes as indices of growth rate and nitrate metabolism in marine phytoplankton.

Regional air quality: Photochemical modeling for policy development and regulatory support. The physiological ecology and natural distribution patterns of cryptomonad algae in coastal aquatic ecosystems. Paleoceanographic records from laminated sediments in La Paz Basin, western margin of the lower Gulf of California.

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Interannual variability of primary and export production. Dissolved organic carbon dynamic and biomarkers utilization in the Piracicaba river basin - SP - Brazil.

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Nutrient demand and nitrogen processing in streams of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest. Factors controlling spatial and temporal patterns of nitrogen cycling in tallgrass prairie streams. Ecological consequences of Daphnia phenotypic plasticity in a Great Plains reservoir. Quantifying controls on soil respiration in mixed-conifer and pinion-juniper ecosystems.

An assessment of opportunities and impediments for the use of climate information in agricultural systems of the pampas.

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Environmentally induced migration in Fiji. Experimental studies on the role of fish on the functioning of lake pelagic systems. The relationship between the average cosine of the underwater light field and the inherent optical properties of the ocean. Ecological impacts of predation by white shrimp Litopenaeus setiferus on subtidal macrobenthos in North Inlet, SC, deduced from field, laboratory, and modeling studies.