Growing up asian american essay contest

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5/9/13 Youth voices, “Growing Up Asian in America,” Rod Daus-Magbual and PEP.

We welcome our alumni back and look forward to continuing to partner with our alumnis. A Holy Name education would not be possible without the support of those individuals and companies who consistently give and invest in our school.

Every gift matters, and we are so thankful for your support! Kindergarten through 8th grade students of all backgrounds including Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, other Asian, Pacific Islander and multiracial ethnicities are invited to submit entries. The theme of this contest is about being Asian or Pacific Islander and American.

And perhaps I am a Chinese-American who has discovered his identity. Each one of us has come from a different place, each unique and special. We must all remember our heritage and our roots. But we must also continue to explore, realizing that everyone is different, with distinct beliefs, points of view, traditions, and lifestyles. Therefore, being aware of these diverse cultures should lead to respect for one another and understanding of the things certain people do.

Some, such as I, are in a transitional generation, the second generation. Our parents are from their native countries, coming to America in the hopes of living the "American Dream. Thus, teenagers from around the world actually act as bridges, which cross vast oceans to join separate cultures. Favorite Quote: turn a mess into a lesson a test into testimony a trial into triumph and a victim into champion. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? These links will automatically appear in your email.

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Asian Pacific Fund | Growing Up Asian in America

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Growing up Asian in America

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"Growing Up Asian in America" Reading

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A Vacation to Home. My Culture. The Runway Niche. Puerto Vallarta. The Pearl of the Danube. This article has 3 comments. Email me when someone replies. Post comment. View profile. I think this was definitely relatable, and I love how you connected it to the "American Dream.