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The captain of the Chesapeake refused.

The Leopard proceeded to fire upon the Chesapeake. Document 2 is an excerpt from a speech by John C Calhoun. Calhoun calls impressment an attack on our rights. He says war is the only way to respond. Documents 1, 2, and 4 support the declaration of war in response to the impressment of American sailors and the seizure of American ships.

The impressment of American sailors and the seizure of ships helped to bring about the War of Instead of the impressment and seizure of ships, some believed that problems on the Western Frontier and a hunger for land were behind the decision for war. In the years leading up to , American settlers had been having problems with Native Americans and British soldiers on the Western border of the country. Britain had been supplying the Native Americans with guns with which to combat the white settlers who were gradually moving into Indian territory.

Document 3 is an excerpt from a speech by John Randolph. He thinks that the Northern states have an interest in taking Canada from Britain. Document 5 is the map of the House of Representatives vote for war. The states that were heavily involved in trade with Britain were strongly opposed to the war.

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This seems to contradict the view of Documents 1, 2, and 4, that impressment was the main issue. It seems that if your ships were being seized and your crews impressed, then you might want to go to war. The merchants and ship-owners decided that they would rather lose some profit than all of it. The map shows that the Western states were extremely in favor of war. The Western and Southern states would benefit most from the acquisition of Canada. The possible acquisition of Canada was a factor in the decision to declare war on Britain.

A desire for land and problems with Native Americans helped to push to decision to declare war through Congress. Madison was one of the leaders of the Democratic- Republican party. Most of his party consisted of farmers who lived in the West and South.

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  8. Madison knew that the Western and Southern states were strongly in favor of the war. If he asked for a declaration of war, he knew he would probably be re-elected. Document 8 shows the election results. Madison took the West and South. His reach even extended into the Northwest.


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    The cession of Canada by Britain would yield a territory that was governed by similar rules to those of the Northwest Territory. These states would be agricultural, and therefore, Democratic-Republican. The already fading Federalist party would lose even more power in the House and Senate, and with it, their chances of ever having the Presidency again. Naturally, the Federalists opposed anything the Democratic-Republican president did. Support About Clark.

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